Daniel Oberski nominated for Science Talent 2016

Tilburg University’s very own Daniel Oberski is eligible for the ‘Wetenschapstalent 2016’ award for outstanding scientific talent. In order to win, the assistant professor of methodology and statistics just needs to convince the jury and the public to vote for him.


The award is given by the popular scientific magazine New Scientist, which invites Dutch and Belgian universities to nominate their most talented young researchers each year. In total, 25 promising researchers are competing to be named Science Talent 2016. The winner will not only receive prize money, but also a significant amount of prestige. The jury and the public can vote here until 8 September.

Daniel Oberski

Daniel Oberski is an assistant professor at the Methodology and Statistics department of the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. He challenges existing methodologies in the field of social sciences, promoting new, digital research techniques. Oberski has previously been awarded a Veni grant by the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). In addition, he won the ‘Best Teacher Award’ and the ‘Early Career Researched Award’.

Photo: Monica Foltman

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