A guide to eating on campus

Although the weather is still good enough to have a beach day, the academic year is already in full swing. Tiresome lectures and long days in the library with only one thing to look forward to: lunch. But what place brings you the ultimate combination between sweet symphonies for your taste buds and little harm to your student budget? Univers brings you the ultimate guide to university cafeteria.

Döner company (Restaurant building)


When you need to catch up on calories, Döner company is definitely the way to go. Though both your wallet and your health might suffer from consuming a full Dürüm menu (€6,70) every day, a simple kebab sandwich only costs €3,20. Plus, there’s salad on it, so it must be healthy, right? Döner company even offers some vegetarian options, starting at €3,20 for a sandwich with falafel or fried halloumi cheese.

Grand Café Esplanade (Esplanade building)


Though good attempts have been made to cheer up the other cafeteria of Tilburg University, Grand Café Esplanade still wins when it comes to looks. Whereas places like Mensa and the Cobbenhagen lunchroom still have the vibe of a sad high school lunchroom, Grand Café Esplanade feels like a genuinely nice café. Sadly, this comes at a price. The price of a simple cheese sandwich is an astounding €4.20, which makes it a less appropriate place for a daily student lunch. On a sunny day, however, you should definitely try to get a place outside on the terrace and enjoy one of the specialty beers Esplanade serves.

Lunchroom Cobbenhagen (Cobbenhagen building)


This self-service lunchroom is a personal favorite of the Univers team. Though it may not have such an elaborate menu, the Cobbenhagen lunchroom offers a decent lunch for a very competitive price. For just €3.75 you can get yourself a drink/soup, a sandwich/salad and something sweet for dessert. But if we’re honest, we’d pay any price to receive a smile and a friendly wink from Remco, who spends his Fridays baking huge amounts of omelets to satisfy the hunger of dozens of students.

Mensa (Restaurant building)


Mensa is the main attraction of the campus for hungry students. None of the other places will be there for you like Mensa is. When you’ve overslept and did not have time to eat breakfast, Mensa is there. When you’ve fallen asleep in the library and wake up to find you’ve missed dinner, Mensa is there. With its decent food, affordable prices and its all-day opening hours, you will find that Mensa will take a very special place in your student heart.

Pepper (Prisma building)


The Prisma building might be one of the most depressing places on the campus. The confusing layout and the DDR-looks make that you’ll want to escape as soon as possible. And if you do, Pepper is just the place to go. With its Mediterranean paninis and pizzas, its nice view and its aesthetically pleasing eating area, Pepper almost makes up for the tragedy we call Prisma building. Different kinds of paninis can be bought for €3.00, pizza starts at €3.95.

Top Croque (Restaurant building)


If you think it’s impossible to start a business based on nothing but grilled cheese, you’re wrong. Top Croque sells every kind of grilled sandwich from your basic grilled cheese (€2.20) to a fancy smoked salmon toast (€3.95). Though the fancier sandwiches may be somewhat overpriced, Top Croque finds itself with a real peak in customers around lunch time. And honestly, we understand. There’s never a bad time for stringy, melted cheese.

Top Croque Bakery (Academia building)


In an attempt to expand the success of Top Croque, Academia building received its own very special Top Croque establishment: the Top Croque bakery. Contrary to its predecessor, the Top Croque bakery is not specialized in grilled cheese. Rather than that, it sells some fairly bland sandwiches and Paninis that range in price from €2.30 to €3.40. The food isn’t terrible, the prices aren’t shocking, but the Top Croque Bakery simply lacks the vibrant atmosphere that the other cafeteria have.


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