Smoking areas to be moved

Nothing better than finally being able to escape a grim lecture hall and to walk outside to get some fresh air. However, there is one thing that is between you and your precious oxygen: the smokers. Gracing most every entrance of the buildings around campus, they make that students have to go through a curtain of smoke whenever they enter or exit a building. But that’s about to change. By the end of 2016, all smoking areas on campus are to be moved away from building entrances.

The Executive Board has plans to move the smoking areas on the university campus. Most smoking areas are currently situated right in front of the entrance, meaning that everyone has to go through smoke to enter a building. An unpleasant experience for some. “I really don’t like to breathe in other people’s pollution.” Tatyana (27) says. “Especially when it’s warm and you’re having lunch outside, it’s just annoying when someone is smoking right next to you.”

Luckily, the solution to this problem seems quite straight-forward: simply move the smoking area around the corner. That way, people who want to smoke can still smoke, but other people don’t have to suffer from it. A win-win one might say. The smokers don’t seem to mind too much either. “As long as it’s just around the corner, it’s fine by me,” Nassira (24) says. Yasmina (21) agrees: “After all, we only have a 15 minute break. There’s no time run all over campus just to smoke a cigarette.”

Smokers outside the university are not as flexible, it seems. On Monday, a complaint regarding smoking in waiting lines was published on the Facebook page of the Efteling. The complaint was flooded with negative comments and name-calling. The Efteling, however, has sidelined the negative opinions and focused on the complaint. They have decided to adopt even stricter smoking policies throughout the amusement park. According to them, the need for a stricter policy is obvious considering societal developments with regards to smoking.


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