Less EU-students attend British business schools due to Brexit

Less EU-students attend British business schools due to Brexit

The number of international students in Tilburg has been climbing steadily over the last couple of years. The Financial Times reports Brexit has caused an opposing trend in the United Kingdom. Since the referendum, business schools in the UK welcome less students from other EU-countries.

British business schools are a popular choice with international students, as many of these institutions are internationally renowned. Although applications for these schools have not dropped since the Brexit-referendum, the number of students attending classes has. In anticipation of the UK actually leaving the European Union, the island-state has imposed stricter visa requirements for those seeking education. This in turn has caused one in six international students to be absent, even though they were initially accepted for one of the many business schools.

The institutions do not only report problems with the attendance of students, many experience problems with staff as well. The schools fear that they will experience problems with attracting employees from other countries. In addition, multiple institutions fear losing European subsidies when the UK leaves the EU.

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