Police fine hundreds of cyclists for riding unlit

Now that the days are getting darker, Tilburg has launched a safety campaign urging cyclists to ride with lights or reflectors. In a single week, police have fined over 300 cyclists riding unlit.

In Tilburg and surrounding towns, 304 cyclists have been slapped with a 55 euro fine for riding unlit in the dark in a single week. As part of the national safety campaing “I stand out”, police will continue to be on the lookout for unlit cyclists during the coming months.

Cyclists riding in the dark are legally obliged to have bike lights. If you want to avoid a steep ticket, make sure your bike meets the requirements. Bicycles must have a white front light and a red rear light. For cheap, easy-to-attach bike lights, go to Action, HEMA or an Albert Heijn supermarket. Also very convenient: the vending machine in the university library.

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