Queen Máxima opens Jheronimus Academy of Data Science

On Thursday, Queen Máxima performed the festive opening of the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science in Den Bosch. JADS is a new hotspot where Tilburg University and the Technical University of Eindhoven join forces.

JADS focuses on academic education and research on big data and the digital revolution. Frank Baaijens and Emile Aarts, the respective university chancellors of TU Eindhoven and Tilburg University and the initiators of the collaboration with Den Bosch, were also present at the opening.

According to Tilburg University chancellor Emile Aarts, the topic of big data formed the perfect reason for a ‘long-desired multidisciplinary collaboration’ between the universities of Eindhoven and Tilburg. After all, this topic requires a technical ‘Eindhoven’ approach based on digital engineering, and social, economic and legal ‘Tilburg’ approach that takes into account matters like privacy.

The Academy is located in the monumental Mariënburg convent on the Sint Janssingel in the heart of Den Bosch. The municipality wanted to invest in a university academy. In addition, Eindhoven and Tilburg believed a new location to increase the visibility and to strengthen the unique character of the academy. “When two lovers decide to move in together, they don’t move into their parents’ house”, Aarts explained the choice for Den Bosch, “they search for something new.”

At the newly-established Den Bosch division, students can follow a Joint Bachelor of Data Science and various Master tracks, such as Data Science Business & Governance, Data Science & Business Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Data Science & Engineering and Data Science & Entrepreneurship.


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