How to eat like a screwy Dutchman

Dutch millennials are going out for dinner more than any other generation in the country. The Dutch wouldn’t be Dutch if they didn’t look for the best deals in town. Youngsters around the age of 18 up to 36 spend around 20 euro on their meal when they are grabbing a bite out of the house. How do the Dutch do it? A how-to.

First of all: select the people who you want to go out with. Make a group chat in WhatsApp and talk about where you are going to eat, don’t forget to go off topic for at least a dozen times.

The Dutch wouldn’t be Dutch if they didn’t look for the best deals in town. Use an app like TripAdvisor and make sure you are searching for something cheap. When you found a place to eat and enjoyed your dinner you should split the bill. Pay with cash and let everyone pay exactly how much they have to. Throw some spare change on the table for the waiter and say something like ”that is for you” so that you can feel generous. They should be really happy with it, right?


When you know how to do it in theory it’s time to practice it for real. Here are some nice places to eat in Tilburg:

To drink some Belgian beers while having dinner you could visit Anvers. Don’t forget to order some bitterballs while you are at it.

Cafetaria Franske and Tilburg University are practically neighbors. If you want to enjoy a ‘frietje stoof’ or a burgundian kroket during your study breaks this fast food joint is an easy way to get your Dutch fix.

Talking about joints, The Grass Company near Tilburg Central station is also a good place to get some food. Apart from what you would expect from a Dutch coffee shop this place also provides some good dinner options. While smoking some Dutch cuisine you can order a nice uitsmijter (bouncer) or a farmer’s omelet for example.

Other, more internationally oriented options to go out and eat: Pino’s eetcafe, ‘t Taphuys, Stoffel and La Nonna.

Remember: your exchange isn’t worth anything if you haven’t at least gone Dutch once! Good luck.

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