Tilburg resident who tormented Amanda Todd goes on trial

Tilburg resident who tormented Amanda Todd goes on trial

Aydin C., infamous for sexually extorting Canadian teenager Amanda Todd over the internet, must appear in front of a judge today. The 38-year-old suspect stands trial for tormenting dozens of girls from behind his computer screen in his home in Tilburg. The charges he faces are unrelated to the Todd case, for which C. will stand trial separately in Canada.

The criminal trial against ‘webcam pedophile’ Aydin C. starts in Amsterdam today. The Tilburg resident is accused of luring dozens of young girls into performing sexual acts in front of a webcam, after which he extorted his victims by threatening to spread explicit photos of them.

Amanda Todd

In 2012, one of C.’s victims committed suicide. A few weeks before she killed herself, Amanda Todd posted a video on Youtube detailing the relentless bullying she suffered after C. posted a topless photo of her online.

Todd met C. on the internet when she was twelve years old. Pretending to be a teenage boy, C. convinced her to flash her breasts in front of the webcam and took a picture of it. He then blackmailed Todd for several years, threatening to send the photo to her friends and classmates if she did not perform more explicit acts for him. The extortion, stalking, and bullying Todd suffered culminated in her suicide at the age of fifteen.

Other victims

Aydin C. is accused of blackmailing and sexually extorting dozens of girls. His victims are from the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. C. is also charged with the possession and distribution of child pornography. He maintains his innocence, claiming all allegations are false.

Carol Todd, Amanda’s mother, is in Amsterdam to attend the trial. Carol Todd wanted to be present, even though C. is currently not facing charges relating to Amanda’s death. She wishes to show support and sympathy to C.’s other victims and their families, she told Dutch newspaper Brabants Dagblad. But most importantly, she wants to be able to look her daughter’s tormentor in the eye. “I’ve learned to let go of the anger or the need for revenge”, she said. “Everyone has a story. I would like to hear his.”Five weeks prior to her suicide, Amanda Todd told her story on YouTube.

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