Asian students (need to) excel

Asian students are known for their discipline. They have to deal with high expectations. If they don’t succeed as doctors, lawyers or engineers, they are a disgrace to their family, writes daily NRC. Alumnus Yu Kwan Man tells about her experiences studying at Tilburg University.

Schools are not for feeling at home, but to excel and move ahead in life. The first Asians that moved to the Netherlands often started a restaurant. Later generations mostly studied at universities to become successful in business or science. They are expected to excel and do it better than their parents. As such, they work hard. In China, this leads to exam fraud and burn-outs amongst students.

Born in Utrecht, Yu Kwan Man didn’t have a lot of self-esteem. Because her parents showed her that hard work pays off, she decided to work harder. After the HAVO, she went on to the Hogeschool Utrecht and recently got her masters in information technology at Tilburg University. Instead of assuming that everything can be Googled, she has been practicing and repeating, to really know things. Next to her study in Tilburg she studied in South-Korea and China and led the team of 20 couriers that handle the delivery meals in her parents restaurant.

You can read the full article here, in Dutch.

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