Dutch students rally against Trump’s immigration ban

Donald Trump’s Muslim ban sparked outrage across the world. Yesterday, thousands of people gathered in The Hague to protest. One of the protesters was Radboud University student Mienke de Wilde. She personally paid for a bus to transport fellow students from the university campus to the demonstration site.

On Wednesday, a bus filled with 60 students departed from Radboud University in Nijmegen to the Malieveld in The Hague. Armed with cardboard protest signs, they joined a large demonstration against Donald Trump’s immigration ban on people from seven Muslim countries. The bus was paid for by Mienke de Wilde, a student at Radboud University and the initiator of Nijmegen Against #Muslimban.

Mienke de Wilde in front of 'her' anti-Trump bus

Mienke de Wilde in front of ‘her’ anti-Trump bus (source: Omroep Gelderland)

De Wilde paid 600 euros out of her own pocket to pay for the bus. She told local news station Omroep Gelderland that it was ‘too important’ not to. “I don’t want to stand on the sidelines, so that’s why I decided to initiate this.”

Former Univers editor Jozien Wijkhuis was also present at the demonstration. In fact, she took the bus arranged by Mienke de Wilde. We spoke to her while she was participating in the protest on the Malieveld. “A lot of people showed up”, she told us. “Despite the rainy weather, the atmosphere is positive. It’s really crowded, and there’s a sea of protest signs being held in the air.”

Jozien carried a protest sign of her own, which read: ‘This can’t be the new normal’.

Jozien's protest sign

Jozien’s protest sign

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