In need of a temporary bike? Try an OV-fiets.

While walking and using the bus or train are perfectly normal ways to get yourself from one place to another in Tilburg, they both have disadvantages. Using the bus or train all the time can bring your bank account down quite a bit. Of course there are bikes too, but they can be expensive, especially when you will only use them for one or two semesters. There is a great alternative for both: the OV-fiets.

You can borrow an OV-fiets, a public transport bike, for 3.85 euros at every train station in Tilburg. As of today it is possible to rent an OV-fiets at the Tilburg Universiteit station. You can use the bike for 24 hours before you have to return it to the same station as you rented it.  Before you are able to hop on a rented bike you have to have an OV-chipkaart. This public transport card is used for all other public transport in The Netherlands too. If you already have a card all you have to do is activate your season ticket.

If Tilburg is not the only city you want to discover in The Netherlands you can find other places to rent an OV-fiets on their website. Every major train station has some bikes for you to rent. Perfect for a little city trip.


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