Own the streets of Tilburg

After cities like New York, Sydney and Cape Town, there is only one logical successor: Tilburg. Just like other world cities, Tilburg will soon have its own special edition of Monopoly.

Have you always wanted to own the university, or perhaps the Piusplein? It might well be possible in the Tilburg edition of Monopoly. Spots like the Tilburg Arcade, pop podium 013 and the Heuvelstraat have already earned their place on the board game.

Not just the streets will get a Tilburg-upgrade. The board itself, the packaging and even the chance and community chest cards will get a special Tilburg makeover.

The game will be presented to the head of city marketing Tilburg, Marc Meeuwis, on the 23rd of March and will be in store at the end of May. The game can serve as the perfect memento of your time in Tilburg, or perhaps as a way to practice your Dutch and get to know Tilburg a little bit better.

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