Heat wave: where to stay cool on campus?

Tilburg is in the grip of a sweltering heat wave, with temperatures rising well above 30 degrees Celsius this week. What are the best places to stay cool at Tilburg University, and which campus hot spots should you avoid? Here’s what the official Univers thermometer says.

#1 University Library

25 °Clibrary

The library is one of the coolest places we could find on campus. Climate control keeps the temperature at a pleasant 25 degrees Celsius. If you’re studying for your final exams, keep your head cool by finding a quiet place in the university library.

Basement C#2 Silent study room in Cobbenhagen building

26 °C

Bunker down in the silent study room located in the basement of the Cobbenhagen building. The heat won’t get you here. 


lounge foyer c

#3 Small foyer lounge in Cobbenhagen building

28 °C

With its high ceiling and big windows, the lounge at the small foyer of the Cobbenhagen building is a great place to escape the heat while still enjoying the view on a green and sunny courtyard. 

warande hall#4 Warande building entrance hall

28 °C

Temperatures in the Warande building are very agreeable. On hot days like these, the high tables in the entrance hall are perfect for impromptu meetings with co-workers or fellow students.

Learning Center#5 Montesquieu Learning Center

28 °C

The Montesquieu Learning Center in the M-building is nice and cool. Whether you’re working alone or in a group, it’s a refreshing place to hide from the scorching heat outside.

Remco#6 Lunchroom Cobbenhagen

28 °C

Remco’s lunchroom in the Cobbenhagen building offers the best lunch deals on campus. Although the picnic tables in the shade outside are more appealing, the temperature inside isn’t bad either.

Dante coffee corner#7 Dante Coffee Corner

29 °C

The coffee corner in the Dante building is not as cool as other spots on campus, but it is bright and quiet. Also, you can get an ice cold drink from one of the vending machines.

pepper#8 Pepper restaurant

30 °C

The temperature in the Mediterranean restaurant in the Prisma building is, well, Mediterranean. But at least the window blinds are down, so the sun won’t bother you.



#9 Mensa

30 °C

If you’re having lunch in the Restaurant building today, you won’t have any trouble keeping your food hot!



#10 Academia building

31 °C

No one is playing table tennis in the Academia building. And with good reason: the Univers thermometer measured 31 degrees Celsius in the building’s main hall.

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