Huge wall in Spoorzone inspires Trump jokes

Perhaps you’ve seen it: the enormous wall towering over the Spoorzone. The wall was built to shield residents from the noise that will emanate from the WOO HAH! festival site this weekend, but it didn’t take long for references to Trump’s controversial Mexico wall to pop up: “Did Trump move?”

“I think it’s pretty cool that this is possible in Tilburg”, 23-year-old Thom Schuit told newspaper Brabants Dagblad on Tuesday. “And we can ship it to America afterwards. Wasn’t Trump looking for something like this?”

The construction of a 10 meters high and 130 meters long wall along the Burgemeester Brokxlaan in the city center led to more funny remarks on social media this week. “Let them Besterds pay for it”, writer Martijn Neggers wrote, referring to residents of the Besterd neighborhood.

Thankfully, the purpose of the ‘great, great wall’ in the Spoorzone is to keep sound out, not people. This weekend, the sold-out hip hop festival WOO HAH! takes place in Tilburg. After the festival, the wall will be taken down again.

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