Swapfiets: the convenience of your own bike, without the worries

Swapfiets: the convenience of your own bike, without the worries

Perhaps you’ve spotted them on campus or parked at the train station: sturdy roadster bicycles with a bright blue front wheel. The Swapfiets has finally found its way to Tilburg. For a small monthly fee, you can get one too.

A bicycle is essential for students living in Tilburg. But owning a bike can come with headaches: your bike can get stolen, your tires can go flat, your lock can refuse to open. Last year, three young entrepreneurs studying at Delft University came up with a solution: Swapfiets. Swapfiets offers the convenience of owning a bicycle, without the worries.

Students pay 12 euros per month for the rental and maintainance of their ‘own’ Swapfiets bike. If you have a flat tire or other bike problems, Swapfiets will swing by your house the same day to repair your bike. And if your bike can’t be saved, you simply ‘swap’ it for a new one. You don’t have to pay a deposit, and you can cancle your membership monthly.

After instant successes in Delft, Leiden, Nijmegen and other student cities, Swapfiets has now launched its service in Tilburg. Still looking for a bike to get around during the TOP week? If you sign up now, you can ride your own Swapfiets until the end of September at a discounted price of 10 euros. 

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