Review: Call of Duty WWII

This year Sledgehammer takes the Call of Duty series back to World War 2. No more wall running or flying around, we’re going back to the roots and back to boots on the ground. The campaign is an epic tale of brotherhood and comradery that takes you on a journey from the invasion of Normandy all the way to the horrific concentration camps.  The campaign does not last very long but it puts you through a wide variety of situations. Flying fighter planes, driving tanks, there are even some stealth missions. Despite its short length the campaign was very good.

The multiplayer is of course the most important and most popular mode in Call of Duty. Some significant changes and additions have been made this year. The class creation system has received a complete overhaul. A new division system was introduced. Each division has its own strengths and specializations. They each focus on different weapons and playstyles. The perk system was replaced as well. Instead of picking three perks you now choose a single one. This system has its advantages but overall I think this system is worse than the previous pick 10 system. It limits the creativity you previously had when creating your own personalized classes.

One of the new features in multiplayer is the Headquarters. Here you can accept daily and weekly challenges, open lootboxes and show of your personalized soldier. It also includes an area where you can play 1v1 against your friends and a shooting range where you can try out your different weapons. The lootbox system in this game is purely cosmetic. You can unlock unique weapon variants, calling cards and uniforms for your soldier. You earn them quickly just by playing and by completing daily and weekly orders.

The game only comes with 9 normal multiplayer maps, which is significantly less than any previous Call of Duty title. Fortunately this is partly remedied by the new game mode: War. This mode is almost like a campaign mission where both sides are played by actual players. Storm the beaches of Normandy, protect the last bride over the river Rhyne, War provides an entirely new way to play Call of Duty. For me war has been some of the most fun I have ever had in Call of Duty.

Call of Duty WWII brings many new features to the series and I have had a lot of fun playing it. however it is not without flaws. I would rate the game a 7 out of 10.

This review is written by Counter-Strike Global Elite and Tilburg University student Ruben van den Engel. He is also chairman of E-sports Association Link.

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