Student residences in the former tax office

Our international students will soon be able to get acquainted with the Dutch tax authorities in a very unique way. The former office of the Tax and Customs Administration in Tilburg will be transformed into a residential building.

Not long ago the tax authorities still resided in the building. After that, it served as a shelter for refugees, and now our own internationals will be housed there. At least part of them, as the municipality of Tilburg has stipulated that a third of the new homes will be reserved for international students of Tilburg University. For the rest of the building it still remains to be seen what’ll happen to it.

The tax building is not intended to house all international students, says Robin Zweers of Magis Vastgoed. “We are talking about international master’s students here.” The university and the real estate company are still discussing the specific agreements. In total there will be about 150 apartments, varying between 30 and 55 square meters. It’s hoped that the residences will be ready by mid-2018. 


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