Drees stops as Dean Humanities

Willem Drees does not stand for a second term as dean of Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences. The faculty is now seaching for a successor.

Various sources reported to Univers that Drees will not enter a second term as dean. Drees himself confirmed this message.

It’s unusual for a dean to quit after the first term of four years. Normally a second one follows. Drees (1954) declares his intention to respect the standard retirement age. Commencing and completing a second term would mean a delay in his retirement. Drees will leave at the end of this calendar year, giving the faculty sufficient time to look for a successor.

Drees, professor in Philosophy at Humanities in Tilburg (after a professorship in Leiden) and grandson of former Prime Minister Drees, is considered a fine director among faculty staff members. In 2015, he became the successor of Dean Arie de Ruijter, who was compromised last year because of alleged fraud involving promotion funds.

Drees will remain Professor in Tilburg until his retirement at the end of 2020.


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