Introducing Tilburg

The TOP Week is over: time to get to know Tilburg better. To help you on your way, we have compiled a small guide of Tilburg. Here you will find a selection of the many restaurants, bars, shops and cultural activities the city has to offer. There is more of course, but you will discover that on your own during the upcoming months.

Nice and cheap

Do you want to eat out but not pay too much? Then you should go to Happy Italy. For less than ten euros you can enjoy delicious Italian meals.

Something different

Do you want to try something new? Visit Poké and more. You can put together your own poké bowl, a bowl with rice, various fresh vegetables and meat or fish. An additional advantage: it’s nice and healthy.

For the sweet tooth

Tilburg has something special for you as well. In the city center, you can find ice cream shop Intermezzo. Here you can choose from more than 50 different delicious flavors of ice cream.

Nice music, nice people and nice memories

At Café Studio and Café Phillip you are bound to have a good time. At Café Studio the music goes more towards r&b, at Café Phillip you can dance to the latest hits.

All colors of the rainbow

Everyone is welcome at the Lollipop. Here you can dance to all the wrong songs and enjoy glitter and glamor. Or you maybe you want to show off on the stripper pole? An evening to remember.

Feeling lucky?

Café Bolle is a very popular place among students. Do not forget to visit “dobbel dinsdag”. On Tuesdays, between 23.00 and 00.30 o’clock, you get to roll the dice after ordering your drink. If you get an even number your drinks are free, if it’s an odd number you have to pay. A fifty percent chance of getting a free drink. Who says no to that? RAW: do you like something special? Then RAW is the place for you. Located in the old railway zone in a former repair hall for trains, RAW offers tasty snacks and drinks in a unique environment. Perfect for the first date.

Brandpunt: has been a warm and cozy student café for 35 years on the Piusplein. On their cozy terrace, you can enjoy drinks every day of the week.

Havana: more cocktails? Then you should stop by Havana. Here you will find the best cocktails of Tilburg in one of the nicest bars of the city. Characteristic and colorfully decorated, you almost feel like being in Havana.

Good for the wallet

Would you rather not spend too much money on clothes? Then you can shop at the recently opened Primark. More into H&M or Zara? No problem, you can also find these two in Tilburg.

High fashion

You don’t have to leave the city for some high fashion either. The more expensive brands can be found at Hudsons Bay, which has taken a prominent place in the shopping district of Tilburg. Or you can shop at Scotch & Soda and the new Levi’s store.

Special stores

Crazy about special things? Then walk through the Tuinstraat or Nieuwlandstraat. There you will find anything and everything: the ‘world shop’, unique jewelry, special furniture and also a record shop.

Pop stage 013

Music lovers can go to 013. Underground artists and international stars such as Lorde and G-Eazy, they all perform at this pop temple. Tickets are often reasonably priced as well.


Tilburg has no less than three cinemas. We recommend the Euroscoop for students. There is a large selection of films for a very low price. Are you looking for more alternative films, then you can go to Cinecitta.


All through the year there’s plenty to do in Tilburg, such as Hip Hop festival WOO HAH!, the Roadburn festival for heavy metal enthusiasts, the biggest fair in the Benelux with Pink Monday, and not to forget, carnival in the spring.


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