Night University 2018: what not to miss

When night falls on Thursday, October 4th, the campus will turn into a science festival ground. Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of presentations, debates, tours, experiments and cultural performances during the annual Night University, which takes place from 19.30 p.m. until 2.00 a.m. Here are our top picks for English-speaking audiences.

Animals in video games

Because Night University coincides with World Animal Day, this year’s festival theme is ‘science zoo’. During the nightly science zoo, theologian of culture Frank Bosman takes a look at how we treat animals in video games such as Goat Simulator and Far Cry 4, and what that tells us about ourselves. Drop by Cube 21 at 20.15 p.m. for this event.

Virtual reality

How will virtual reality shape the future of research, education and business? And what does it feel like to put on those magic specs and step into another world? Give virtual reality a try in Dante Z12, starting at 19.00 or 21.30 p.m. For Dutch-speaking visitors, the VR experiences starts at 20.15 and 22.45 p.m.

Silent disco

A silent disco will take place all night in the foyer of the Dante building. Partiers can put on a set of headphones and dance to their own private beat. Don’t feel like dancing? For onlookers with no headphones, watching a crowd of people dancing wildly in silence can be quite an experience as well.

The full festival program of this year’s Night University is available here.


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