A night at the university

It was a wild night at Tilburg University yesterday. Monkeys in cages, loud animal noises all over the campus and scientists let loose. Sounds like a zoo? That’s exactly what it was, a science zoo.

Last night the third edition of Night University took place, with the theme of the night being ‘Science Zoo”. While walking around a beautifully lit campus and surrounded by animal noises, visitors had the chance to discover the university from a whole new perspective. Scientists and other speakers gave talks and workshops to themes such as evolution, animal behavior, geopolitics in eastern Europe and programming. Visitors were treated to music, dance and poetry performances. They could dance in the silent disco, discover the architecture of the campus and experience Virtual Reality in the DAF-lab. And this is only a small fraction of the many activities that took place last night. Down below you can find a small impression of the “Animal Zoo” at Night University.

1. Rector Magnificus Emile Aarts officially opened the evening, inviting all visitors to enjoy themselves at this year’s Night University.

2. The theme of the night was Science Zoo, so it was no wonder you saw a biologist with a monkey not far behind. The monkeys were very well behaved and really enjoyed going on pictures with the visitors.


3. Science in a post-fact culture. Peter Achterberg gave a very interesting lecture about the reasons why some people believe in theories as evolution or a flat earth and others do not.


4. Visitors had a lot of choice when it came to the activities. In total, there were more than 60 activities to follow or partake in that night.


5. Game room: play like a beast. The gaming association of Tilburg University was also in the house, letting people play games such as Goat simulator, Zoo Tycoon and Stardew Valley. All in the theme of the night of course.


6. Let the choirs sing. Throughout the night, visitors were treated to performances by the Pop Choir Epic.


7. Silent Disco. Student faction SAM gave visitors the chance to experience a silent disco. Here you could dance with everybody else while listening to your own personal beat. Amazing to watch as well.


8. It was a busy time, as the University greeted around 2000 visitors last night. The campus was colorfully lit, creating a whole new, more playful ambiance for the University.


9. Poetry around the bonfire. While sitting cozily together, visitors were treated to beautiful poetry recitals. During the open mic sessions, everybody had the chance to recite poetry, sing or play guitar for the rest of the group.


10. Micheil Saakashvili, the former president of Georgia and governor of Odessa, talked about geopolitics in Eastern Europe and answered questions from the public.


11. Dancing all night. Dance was a big part of Night University. Dance Nation performed at the opening and throughout the night. Visitors could also take part in a modern dance workshop or learn how to dance salsa and merengue.




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