Column contest: ‘Last night a DJ saved my life!’

As a prelude to an evening on ‘Dutch Dance’, Academic Forum and Univers are organizing a column writing contest for students.

How does music affect you? Do you dance wildly to heavy beats? Does music unleash the beast in you? Do you get nostalgic hearing old songs? Are there songs that make you swoon? Can music transport you, get you high, or put you in a trance? We would like to see you take readers along with an interesting anecdote or a striking observation illustrating what music (not necessarily Dance) can do to you or did to you! And of course we would like to see you phrase that in attractive words!


If you are no older than 27, you can take part in the contest, even if you are not a student. The winner receives 200 euros, and the winning column will be published through Univers

  • Number of words: between 300 and 400;
  • You’re free to find your own title;
  • Theme should refer to what music does to you or did to you;
  • Language: Dutch or English;
  • Deadline: Monday November 5, 09:00 hrs.;
  • To be sent in a WORD file to:, specifying (it is an entry for the) Column Contest;
  • You are no older than 27 (on October 1, 2018);
  • Besides your name, also state your date of birth, where you are studying and what you are studying, and your phone number;
  • If asked to do so, you will be prepared to recite the column during the evening on ‘Dutch Dance’, on November 8;
  • Participants can send in only one column;
  • The jury reserves the right not to choose a winner, the criterion for any winning column being that it will have to be fit for publication through Univers.

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