Dutch winter fun

What’s on in Tilburg this weekend and beyond? To help you make the most of your time off campus, our weekly city guide brings you fresh ideas on what to do in and around Tilburg. 

Winter is coming. In the Netherlands that means it’s time for ice-skating, hot chocolate, “boerenkool” and the winter Efteling. Here’s all you need to know about the typical Dutch things to do when winter time arrives.   

The Winter Efteling

In Tilburg, everybody is always talking about the Efteling. And for good reason, as it is a wonderful and fun amusement park near Tilburg. Each year, visitors come from far and wide (even Kendall Jenner has been there). But what is even more fun than the Efteling? The Winter Efteling! During the cold time of the year there are special attractions such as the ice-palace and winter-themed entertainment. So, bundle up in your coat and get ready for a winter’s day of fun at the Efteling.What: Winter Efteling

Where: Europalaan 1, 5171 KW Kaatsheuvel

Cost: € 36,00 p.p.


The Netherlands is famous for ice-skating. Maybe you’ve heard the stories about the frozen canals in the winter and everybody skating all the time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen very often anymore that the canals freeze over. But you still can get your ice-skating fun in the indoor skating-ring of Tilburg. A day-pass costs € 6,55. If you are a member of the Tilburg University sports center, you have free access.What: Ice-skating

Where: Ireen Wüst IJsbaan, Curlingstraat 15

Cost: 6,55 / free

The best hot chocolate in town

Wintertime means it’s time for hot chocolate. Of course you can always grab a hot chocolate at a nearby Starbucks. But for the best chocolate in town you should head over to café Studio on the Heuvel. They serve the best steamy hot chocolate, complete with marshmallows.  What: The best hot chocolate

Where: Café Studio, Heuvel 9

Dutch winter dishes

When in the Netherlands during wintertime, one should definitely try the traditional dish “boerenkool” with smoked sausage. It consists of mashed potatoes and kale mixed together, served with gravy, bacon and a special smoked sausage called “rookworst”. While we yet have to find a restaurant that serves the traditional dish in Tilburg, we do have a nice recipe for you to try at home. You can find it here. Eet smakelijk!

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