Movie Nights in Tilburg

What’s on in Tilburg this weekend and beyond? To help you make the most of your time off campus, our weekly city guide brings you fresh ideas on what to do in and around Tilburg. 

The days are short and the weather turns cold, which means it’s the perfect time to go to the movies. Whether you want to have a fun time with friends or looking for a romantic date, going to the cinema is always a great idea. In Tilburg you can find three cinemas and we will tell you all about them down below. 

Cinema Pathé

Right in the city center you can find cinema Pathé. Because of its central location, it’s by far the most popular cinema in the city. Beside regular movies, they also offer movies in IMAX and 3D. Most of the movies shown are in English, though there are some Dutch movies as well. On Tuesdays, they have a special offer where you only pay € 5,00 per ticket (excluding extra charges for IMAX and 3D). On other weekdays students receive € 1,00 discount, during the weekend you have to pay the regular price.What: Cinema Pathé

Where: Pieter Vreedeplein 174

Cost: varies 

Cinema Euroscoop 

Located in Stappegoor, you will probably need to do a bit of biking to get here. They also offer only regular 2D films. However, this should be compensated by the fact that they have a bigger selection of films and are cheaper too. Films usually run for a longer period here, which is great if you missed a film you really wanted to see when it was released. During weekdays, all tickets cost € 5,50. On weekends students receive a discount and pay only € 7,80. This makes Euroscoop by far the most affordable cinema in Tilburg. Best not take your date here or you might come over as cheap.  What: Cinema Euroscoop

Where: Olympiaplein 2

Cost: € 5,50 / € 7,30  

Cinema Cinecitta

Are you looking for a good arthouse movie? Then you should check out Cinecitta, located in the heart of Tilburg since over a hundred years. Here you will not find the regular blockbusters but special movies from all over the world. Once a month they screen a documentary, followed by a discussion about the movies and the possibility to ask questions. Besides movies in English and Dutch you can also find movies in many other languages. Ticket prices vary from € 9,00 to € 11,50, depending on the kind of movie and whether you buy the ticket online or at the cashier.What: Cinema Cinecitta

Where: Willem II straat 29

Cost: Varies

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