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Carnival is over and you are probably still recovering from all the great parties you attended. The weather is cold and rainy, so the couch seems the best place to stay put this weekend. But this is also the perfect time to watch one of the many great movies that are currently running in the cinema. Here a little selection for you to choose from. Enjoy

On the Basis of Sex

Just in, this movie tells the fascinating story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one of the judges on the Supreme Court of the United States. It’s a showcase of female strength and determination in a male dominant world. The film focuses on the early years of Ruth and how she paved her way to the Supreme Court. A great film for anybody who is interested in law, female empowerment and true life inspirational stories.

The Favourite

Looking for something a little different? Then you should check out ‘The Favourite’. Set in 18th century England this movie explores the story of two cousins competing for the favor of the British queen. It might sound boring, but it’s actually pretty hilarious. It’s a fun movie with great dialogue, wonderful sets and costumes and some darn good acting. It’s therefore no surprise that this film has been nominated for 269 and has won 145 awards, including an Oscar for best actress.

Captain Marvel

It is finally here, the long anticipated female superhero film from Marvel. Captain Marvel explores the origin of the Marvel Universe as we know it and showcases a strong female character. The special effects are amazing and the story is interesting to follow. You might also get some clues as what is going to happen with the Avengers. Therefore, whether you are a diehard Marvel fan or just looking for a good movie, this film will be worth watching.  


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