Ready or not, Plan S is coming. How will it affect TiU researchers?

Ready or not, Plan S is coming. How will it affect TiU researchers?

After a long lead-up, Plan S has taken its final form. From 2021 onwards, it will require academics to publish in open access journals. During a lunch meeting that will be held on campus next week, Tilburg University researchers can find out what this means for them.

Plan S is backed by Europe’s major research funders, the European Commission and the European Research Council. For academics working in Europe, that means there’s no escaping it—from 2021, they will have no choice but to go along with Plan S.

What exactly will this mean for scholars? According to the university’s open science coordinator, Daan Rutten, the implementation of Plan S does not just restrict the publication options for researchers. It also brings new opportunities. “The current academic ecosystem is fatigued and rusty in some respects, and highly commercialized. Plan S can be an incentive for scholars to think of other publishing models and to take matters into their own hands.”

To stay ahead of the curve, all Tilburg University academics are invited to attend a lunch meeting on Plan S on Wednesday, 10 July. Rutten will explain which requirements Plan S sets for researchers, and Max Haring (University of Amsterdam) will talk about the opportunities that will open up for researchers once Plan S comes into force.The lunch meeting on Plan S will be held in the Zwijsen building on Wednesday, July 10, starting at 12.00. You can register by sending an email to Daan Rutten.

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