Are you the new Campus Poet?

Are you a student or a staff member and do you want to poetically comment on campus life  with your poetry for a whole year? Then sign up for the Campus Poet Election 2020!

Campus Tilburg University.

Campus Tilburg University.

The Campus Poet at Tilburg University reflects about campus life, about study and science, current themes in society, about everyday things and emotions, and life in general. In this way the poet adds color to the campus and makes campus culture visible in a very specific manner.

Do you want to be the new campus poet?  Send a minimum of three poems to before January 15, 2020. At least one poem must be on the theme of ‘life on campus’. Please state your name, your age, your program or position, your ANR, and your contact details.

The winner will be announced during the Open Stage Night on January 30, 2020.

What does the Campus Poet do?

The Campus Poet writes poems both on request and at his/her own initiative. Poems are published in Univers a few times a year and are presented live during various Academic Forum events and at large events like Night University.

The Campus Poet also initiates and organizes activities in the area of poetry and the spoken word in collaboration with Academic Forum. In this way, the Campus Poet promotes a lively literary climate on campus.

The Campus Poet receives a stipend of € 500 for his/her activities in the course of the year. The current campus poet is Michiel Bakker.

How to become a Campus Poet

The election is open to Tilburg University students and staff. A condition for participation is that you will work or study on the campus for the entire year 2020. Staff must be formally employed by Tilburg University and students must be registered as a Tilburg University student.

What do you need to do?

  • Before January 15, 2020, submit a minimum of three poems at
  • At least one poem must be about the theme of ‘campus life’.
  • The poems may be in Dutch or English.
  • State your name, age, program or position, your ANR, and your contact details.

If you have been nominated, you may present one of the poems you have submitted at the Open Stage Night, that will take place on Thursday, January 30. A jury will decide who will be the Campus Poet 2020.


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