Christmas special: A remarkable year

Christmas is traditionally a time to reminisce and share stories. During the holiday period, Univers presents a Christmas interview series in which members of the Tilburg University community look back at a remarkable year.


What’s it like to study while being pregnant? After a decades-long career at the university, do you have the courage to leap into the unknown by moving abroad? Can you focus on studying when the student housing crises forces you to live in a tent? And how do you make a success of your one-woman student party?

Between 23 and 27 December, Univers will publish an interview each day. The stories told in these interviews are at times moving and at times amusing, but always interesting. That way, you will have something to turn to if you’re sitting through a long and uneventful Christmas dinner or while you’re waiting for your partner to change into their favorite reindeer sweater.  

Univers wishes everyone happy holidays and a wonderful 2020.

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