Smokers shelter on library bridge will be demolished

Drinking coffee outside or secretly smoking a cigarette on the bridge to the library, while being protected from wind and rain. Starting next week that is no longer possible. The smokers shelter on the footbridge to the library will be taken down.

Rookhok op de loopbrug naar de UB

Smokers shelter on the library bridge

The demolition of the former smokers shelter on the library bridge starts tomorrow morning. Protection against the elements can still be found under the bridge, but for illegal smokers that seems less of an option. After all, that is in full view of the security guards in the Vigilant building.

Smoking ban

Smoking on campus has been banned since August last year. But ban or no ban, many smokers still secretly lit a cigarette in the sheltered area in the past winter months. Even special smoke stewards (see video) patrolling the campus could not prevent that.


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