Campus cafeterias and self-study facilities closed until 6 April

Campus cafeterias and self-study facilities closed until 6 April

To prevent the coronavirus from spreading further, the university has closed its food and drink facilities until April 6. Self-study areas on campus will also be closed.

Abandoned campus

Abandoned campus

The new measures were announced yesterday by education minister Arie Slob. All previous measures taken by the university, which would initially last until 31 March, have also been extended to April 6. 

Campus cafeterias and study areas closed

Following the new government guidelines, these facilities are no longer available. All campus cafeterias and all self-study areas are now closed. PhD ceremonies, which were previously allowed to continue on campus, are now held online as much as possible. Lastly, people who need to visit the campus are requested to keep a distance of one and a half meters to each other.

For university employees with schoolgoing children or infants who cannot go to daycare, further guidelines will be announced. For the coming days, they are asked to contact their direct supervisor.

Students abroad asked to return

The university is asking students who are currently in an affected area abroad to return home. These students are informed about their options via email by the Study Abroad & Exchange team. If students experience study delays, they are eligible to call on Financial Support for Students (FOS).

Students returning from affected regions are requested to stay at home for at least 14 days after their return.

Abandoned campus

Abandoned campus

The Netherlands shutting down further

On Sunday afternoon, education minister Slob and healthcare minister Bruins announced new measures in the fight against the coronavirus. All educational institutions, cafes and restaurants are closed until 6 April. Sports and fitness clubs, saunas, sex clubs and coffeeshops have also closed their doors. Long lines formed in front of marijuana coffee shops after the they were announced to be closing down yesterday.

The advice continues to stay indoors and to work from home as much as possible. Lectures and other educational activities will continue online where possible. Going out for groceries is still possible, but shoppers are requested to keep a distance from each other and to refrain from stocking up on goods.

Minister Bruins said on Sunday that more measures are expected to follow.For an overview of all updates and measures taken by Tilburg University, visit the official information page of the university’s crisis team.

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