What you can and can’t do in Tilburg as lockdown eases

What you can and can’t do in Tilburg as lockdown eases

With the loosening of lockdown restrictions, everyday life in Tilburg is going back to normal-ish. Here’s what is and isn’t allowed from June 1 in the city and on campus.

Foto: Ton Toemen

Foto: Ton Toemen


As of June 1, get-togethers are no longer banned. You’re allowed to gather in groups of more than 3 people outdoors, as long as everyone keeps a distance of 1.5 meters from each other. This means you can get together with friends in parks and other public spaces without risking a fine. You will also be able to have more than 3 guests over at your house, so parties are back. However, the government strongly advises to practice physical distancing with anyone you don’t live with. 

Eating and drinking

From June 1, restaurants and cafes are able to welcome up to 30 guests. There is no limit to the amount of guests who may be served on outdoor terraces, as long as a distance of 1.5 meters is kept between anyone who isn’t part of the same household. Keep in mind that walk-ins are not allowed, so you must make a reservation if you want to sit inside.

Museums, theaters and cinemas

Theaters, cinemas and concert halls will open with a 30-person capacity limit. For museums, the visitor limit depends on the size of the museum. In all venues, you must keep the required distance and buy a ticket or make a reservation in advance.

Public transport

All public transport will operate according to the pre-pandemic schedule again from June 1. Anyone who is 13 or older must wear a non-medical facemask on trains, buses and other public transport. If you don’t wear a mask, you risk a €95 fine. It’s not compulsory to wear face covering while you’re in the train station, on a platform or at a bus stop – as long as you keep 1.5 meters distance from others before hopping on a bus or train, you’re sticking to the rules.


Students and staff will continue to study and work from home as much as possible. Limited study spaces are available in the CUBE building for students whose personal circumstances at home mean that they cannot study effectively there. As of June 1, campus buildings will reopen at 10% of capacity to employees whose work requires them to be on campus, provided that they keep the required distance. PhD defenses can take place in the aula again, with limited attendance. More outdoor workspace will be made available, which can be used for meetings. Lunchtime? At the Esplanade cafe, meals can be picked up for take out or, on reservation, enjoyed on the terrace.


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