The Rumour: new luxury residential complex for TiU’s international students

The Rumour: new luxury residential complex for TiU’s international students

Tilburg has gained an apartment complex for international students. The smaller version of the Cobbencampus is called The Rumour, with sixty apartments making moving in with only your suitcase possible.

Beeld Magis Vastgoed / © Twycer

Image Magis Vastgoed / © Twycer

The Tilburg thrift stores will not get rich from the international students moving into an apartment in The Rumour. The houses on the Gasthuisring, in what used to be the parish church, are equipped with all possible household goods. Bed, couch, table, crockery, cutlery, it is all there. Even air conditioning, a dishwasher, and internet are included. “Ideal for international students who come here for a while,” says Jessie Meulendijk, rental manager at Magis real estate.

The apartments are suitable for two persons and the costs vary depending on the size (83 m2 max), ranging from €600 to €1000 excluding utilities. In addition, an amount of €220 is charged for the costs of electricity, water, furniture, internet, and the maintenance of the garden and property.

The students have to keep their own houses clean. So far. Meulendijk: “We are considering also offering a service for this in the future. Sports facilities are also being realized and there are plans for a community room where residents can meet each other.

Short stay – Long stay

If you look at the Magis rental site, you will see that forty-seven of the sixty apartments have already been rented out. The first batch of residents can stay there for a maximum of six months. “In The Rumour we only rent out short stay apartments for the time being. Residents have to leave their apartments after those six months and are not allowed to extend their contracts. However, they may be able to stay at the Cobbencampus afterwards,” says Meulendijk.

Beeld Magis Vastgoed / © Twycer

Image Magis Vastgoed / © Twycer

Why so short? “We consider The Rumour to serve as a buffer to cope with the high intake of international students in the peak months of August and February. From there, students can more easily search for another home and move on. We want to continue to do this until there is enough housing on offer. Maybe after that it will become long stay.”

Tenants come from all continents. “We try to make sure there’s a good mix, not that half the tenants come from the same area. In order to avoid group formation.” As with the Cobbencampus, the residents of The Rumour are mostly TiU students.

Reitseplein Campus

That it is difficult for internationals to find a suitable home in Tilburg became painfully clear last summer when dozens of students were forced to camp in tents in the Spoorpark. Magis responds to this scarcity with The Rumour and the Cobbencampus.

And that’s not all. The next project, a large campus near Reitseplein, is already under construction. Meulendijk: “That will be gigantic, around 450 apartments for international students. The intention is that these will be ready in the fall of 2022.”

Translated by Language Center, Riet Bettonviel


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