Elect a Member of Parliament on campus or feel like a star in 013

Elect a Member of Parliament on campus or feel like a star in 013

Suffering from campus withdrawal symptoms? If so, the March House of Representatives elections may offer a solution. On March 17, a polling station will be set up on campus as usual. A good reason to come and look at your favorite buildings, trees, or ponds again. Of course, with due regard for the appropriate distance.

In order to make the voting process coronavirus safe, the polling station is not in the Dante building this time, but the ballet room in the Esplanade building has been chosen. It should be noted, however, that the intention is not to make it too sociable, one and a half meters distance should also be observed in the queue.

Feel like a star in 013

For those who just miss other things, or for those for whom the 17th is not very convenient, another option will be available in a Tilburg. In the hope of attracting more young people, the Kleine Zaal (Small Hall) in pop stage 013 will become a polling station. There you can also vote earlier, on March 15 and 16. In addition, it is supposed to be an experience.

“We want to give young people an experience,” says Joost van Abeelen, spokesperson for 013. “After you vote, you can choose to walk a route through the building. You will then also come backstage and in a dressing room. And there’s a photo opportunity on stage, so you can pretend to be a star for a moment.”

More details will be announced in the coming weeks via the 013 website. Van Abeelen: “By the way, older people are also welcome. It’s a big venue, so it can hold a lot of people. And the star part is optional.”


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