Sociologists make uppepper for their students

An encouragement for TSB students in lockdown, a little fun in coronavirus times. That’s the idea of Uppepper, a site set up by employees of the social sciences School. One of the initiators is sociologist Bram Peper. But, he assures, he didn’t come up with that name himself.

Image Hans Braxmeier / Pixabay

It all started in the informal group app of the Tilburg sociologists, he reveals. “There, we were talking about the Dear Mark report (Dutch only), which said that so many students were in trouble. Shouldn’t we do something about that, we wondered. We first passed it on to the School, but that took a while. So we decided we might as well do it ourselves. A website is made in no time.”

The site (fun for TSB students during COVID-19) has been up and running for several weeks now. Peper: “The intention is: a fun site for students, who are just sitting at home with their parents or in their three-by-four rooms, three stories up, to wander through. We’ll see how it goes, there’s no big plan behind it.”

Request songs and cooking section

On the website, Peper himself hosts a two-hour radio show every week. This is not his first time doing this, he has been making a weekly radio show for local broadcaster Delft for years, “and I have been a DJ since I was eleven.” The music is generally swinging and uplifting, but it does not have to stop there. Listeners are encouraged to submit requests for songs.

Other features include a Spotify list to which you can add your favorite songs, blogs, tips, and even a cooking section by Pleuni Rozie: Pleuni’s Food Hook. She translates recipes especially for international students. For example, pea soup. Though we hope they don’t take the suggestion at the end too literally: ‘serve with rye bread topped with cat bacon.’

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