To campus without a face mask

The face mask is allowed to come off and you can walk right across the campus again. Tilburg University is implementing further relaxations of the coronavirus measures.

Things are getting a little more like they used to be on campus. As of today, the university is implementing a series of relaxations. For example, you no longer have to wear a face mask, and the one-way routes have been eliminated. What is still particularly requested is to adhere to social distancing (1.5 meters).

If it is not possible to keep your distance, for example in a narrow corridor, then the idea is to move on quickly. But if it takes longer, for example in laboratory work with physical contact, then the obligation to wear a face mask still applies.

More can be organized because of the relaxations. Outdoor events and gatherings are allowed for smaller groups with social distancing. Inside, the doors are unlocked. As long as sufficient distance is maintained, lecture halls may be filled again. However, it is not possible to have social drinks or meetings in the foyers yet. At graduation ceremonies, four guests are allowed to accompany a student.

Employees will again be able to work on campus more frequently. For now, this is limited to a maximum of 30% of the normal office occupancy per floor. Again, only if sufficient distance can be maintained. The university calls on employees to (voluntarily) take a self-test when coming to campus. A visit no longer needs to be reported in advance: everything is done in consultation with the manager.

What the work situation will be after the summer, and what lectures and self-study will look like for students, is not entirely clear yet. The university will inform you later.

More information on coronavirus measures can be found on the university’s overview page.

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