Crossing Cultures #08: Ingrid from Brazil

In the podcast ‘Crossing Cultures’, host Sebas van Aert enters into conversation with people from other countries and cultures in an attempt to raise cultural (self-)awareness. This episode: Ingrid from Brazil.

Samba time! Sebas invited the Brazilian Ingrid – who was born in the city of Recife – to discuss the versatility of her country. Ingrid told him that this diversity can be found not only in its natural landscapes, but even more so in its people. A blond, tall and white Brazilian is all but an exception.

When Ingrid arrived in Portugal, she noticed that European people in general seem much more preoccupied with work and money, whereas Brazilian people are more laid-back (often misinterpreted as lazy!) and easily satisfied with less. And although Ingrid enjoyed her time in the Netherlands, she is disappointed with the Dutch health care system and especially the tiresome advice from general practitioners to just take a paracetamol.

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