Crossing Cultures #11: Nataliia from Ukraine

In the podcast ‘Crossing Cultures’, host Sebas van Aert enters into conversation with people from other countries and cultures in an attempt to raise cultural (self-)awareness. This episode: Nataliia from Ukraine.

In this episode, Nataliia from Kyiv takes Sebas on a journey through the history of her native Ukraine (‘a pretty eventful region’ in her words) and explains him how it has shaped the shaky relationship her country and Russia have today.

Unlike most people her age, she has already lived through two revolutions. During the last one, she was at the epicenter when it broke out and had to hide in one of Kyiv’s sacred churches for about six hours. Apart from such frightening anecdotes, she also gives a general sense of what it is like to be a young Ukrainian in these turbulent times.


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