Crossing Cultures #12: Sabuhi from Azerbaijan

In the podcast ‘Crossing Cultures’, host Sebas van Aert enters into conversation with people from other countries and cultures in an attempt to raise cultural (self-)awareness. This episode: Sabuhi from Azerbaijan.

For this episode, Sebas had the privilege of hearing from Sabuhi about his country Azerbaijan, of which he knew very little other than that Baku is its capital. Both were not really sure if that has to do with Sebas’ lack of effort or a poor coverage in Western media, or perhaps both. What do you think?

Regardless, their talk shed a whole new light on this Caucasian and former Soviet country. By now Sebas is familiar with why most Muslim Azerbaijanis drink alcohol but don’t eat pork, why it is no coincidence that the country brings forth so many strong judokas and chess players and why Turkey and Azerbaijan always award each other twelve points during the Eurovision Song Contest.


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