Crossing Cultures #13: Kayla from South Africa

In the podcast ‘Crossing Cultures’, host Sebas van Aert enters into conversation with people from other countries and cultures in an attempt to raise cultural (self-)awareness. This episode: Kayla from South Africa.

Yes, it is time to cross cultures again! This episode is about South Africa, the country that is also called the ‘rainbow nation’, owing to its wide variety of people from different cultures and backgrounds. Did you know, for example, that South Africa is home to the second largest community of Indian people besides India, and that it is closely related to The Netherlands as it used to be one of its colonies? You can see this clearly in the language Afrikaans that is quite similar to Dutch, but also in the country’s architecture.

Kayla, who is from Johannesburg, believes people’s perception of the racial tension in her country is exaggerated. Yes, there are still traces of the Apartheid regime but people don’t live separated anymore. Still, she admits that crime is a huge problem in South Africa. “I would be shocked to meet anyone in South Africa who hasn’t had someone breaking into their house.”


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