Ways to go green in Tilburg

New in Tilburg? And looking for ways to live sustainably and green? This green guide will help you on your way.

Image: Alena Koval / Pexels

New students are making Tilburg their home for the next few years. Something they may not yet know about this city, is that the Dutch green political party (GroenLinks) is the biggest in Tilburg’s local council. Both the municipality and Tilburg University put effort in being sustainable and green. So, here is a short guide – for the new student or for whomever is interested – to some of the green, sustainable, and circular opportunities this city has to offer.


It is common practice to quickly go to Albert Heijn or another supermarket to get your groceries, but have you ever tried the fresh veggies from the city garden (GroeiTuin013)? By bike, the city garden is only ten minutes away from the university campus. GroeiTuin013 calls itself ‘the green living room of Tilburg’, as it’s not only a beautiful garden but also a place for social interaction and participation.

Another alternative for grocery shopping is Ekoplaza, situated in the centre of Tilburg, which is a supermarket with a range of biological products. And if you ever go out to eat, many restaurants have vegan and vegetarian options on their menus nowadays. Restaurants, also, regularly offer a plate with seasonal veggies or local products. Why not try and see what our small country has to offer?


In Tilburg, you can easily make your way around by bike. And you don’t need to buy a new bike to do so. You can find great second-hand bikes at La Poubelle, a second-hand store located near the Piushaven (where you can also go for a nice walk along the water). If you don’t want to buy a bike, Swapfiets offers bikes to rent. If your Swapfiets ever suffers any damage or complications, they will come and repair it for you. Another option: use the Campusbike, available on campus!

Image: Jack Tummers

And if you ever find yourself without any kind of bike and you don’t feel like walking or taking public transport, you can use one of the green electric GO scooters by using the GO Sharing app.

Filling your new home

If you’re a new student moving to Tilburg, you may be in need of some homeware. Tilburg is home to many second-hand stores, like the above-mentioned store La Poubelle. Another big second-hand store is Kringloop013, located just outside the city centre. They offer many second-hand products, from books and clothing to kitchenware and furniture. In case you buy a piece of furniture and you’re not able to take it home, they offer a delivery service.

For products supporting a zero-waste lifestyle: have a look at Dille & Kamille, a store located in the centre of the city. Amongst other things, they sell timeless kitchen and homeware products.


As a new student you may stumble upon occasions for which you need a certain outfit, like a gala dress or a carnival suit, or maybe you just like to shop for clothing. Either way, you can check out some of the vintage and second-hand clothing stores in Tilburg and find a unique outfit. Some of these stores can be found in the city-centre, like: Sam-Sam, ReShare Store Tilburg, and Petra Used & Vintage clothing.

Or even more fun: join clothing swaps and pop-up sales, like the ones organized by STAI or De Bovenste Plank. And if your clothes are ever in need of reparation, you will not be disappointed by the clothing tailors in this city.

Study material

Regarding study material, it’s not always necessary to buy new books. Besides buying second-hand books online (try Bol.com, Studystore.nl or Boekwinkeltjes.nl), students can drop by the on-campus bookshop Books 4 Life, situated in the cellar of the Cobbenhagen building. Books 4 Life sells used but good-quality books, varying from literature to informative books and textbooks.

Books4Life. Photo: Jack Tummers

University and student initiatives

If you want to join a movement, look out for local initiatives. You can meet like-minded people by attending events, such as the events organized by the Sustainability Factory at Tilburg University or Vegan Student Association Tilburg (VSA Tilburg).

For more information, you can visit: https://circulair.com/over-tilburg-circulair. This website gives a clear overview of circularity and sustainability in Tilburg and mentions many other businesses and initiatives which were not mentioned above.


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