Crossing Cultures #15: Angel from Aruba

In the podcast ‘Crossing Cultures’, host Sebas van Aert enters into conversation with people from other countries and cultures in an attempt to raise cultural (self-)awareness. This episode: Angel from Aruba.

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The last episode of this season is about Aruba, a tiny Caribbean Island off the coast of Venezuela and home to just over 100,000 people. Angel, who is one of them, moved to the Netherlands a few years ago, hoping to get a diploma that would allow him to earn a decent living, so he could send some of it back to his mother whom he had left behind. This is the story of many Antilleans (people from the former Dutch Antilles) living in the Netherlands.

Angel explains about the intricate relationship Aruba, a former Dutch colony, has with The Netherlands, what the word ‘Makamba’ means and why it is necessary for an Aruban to know at least three languages. And for the Dutch amongst us, do you know why you had your central high school exams at exactly 1.30 PM? Angel has the answer.


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