An app to learn everything about Holland

Everything comes in the form of an app. Whether you want to learn about Tilburg, the university, or if you just want to find your bike after a night at the bar; there’s an app for that. If you’re new to Holland, you might struggle to learn about Dutch culture and language. Well, struggle no longer, because there’s an app for this as well.The “Hoi Holland”-app has been downloaded 10.000 times since its launch in May, so the first results should be visible. The app helps you to learn about Dutch culture through a mix of mini games. Six Dutch friends learn you everything there is to know.

The app focusses on practical and important info. So it contains no stories about when Willem I founded the Netherlands, but tells you all about grocery shopping and how to order the famous Dutch bitterballen.

Want to try it? The app is free and available on iPhone and Android.

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