Share your leftover food on campus with Foodsharing

If you cook for yourself, it is easy to buy too much ingredients. Soon, you can avoid throwing away good food by putting it in a Foodsharing closet on campus. Students from the Honours Program will put one in Academia building.You can share your food in two ways: online and offline. If you decide to take advantage of the digital age, you can just put your leftovers on the Foodsharing website and wait for someone to pick them up. If you prefer the offline version, there are already four closets in Tilburg, and soon one will be moved to campus. You can put in and take as much as you want, as long as it is still fresh and does not have to be kept refrigerated.

Jaime Rozema is one of the students behind the plan to bring this initiative to campus. He is involved in a community project from the Honours Program, the students named the project Get it Together. “We are looking for more projects we can do, because our group is quite big so we have a lot of manpower. We want to focus on sharing, and the Foodsharing project matches that idea very well.” Rozema says the students do not want to limit themselves to the sharing of food. “We also have plans to get involved in knowledge sharing, where people can offer to teach others something, like a language or to play a musical instrument.” To promote all these activities, the students will start a Facebook page soon, and hand out flyers on campus.

Each year, an average person throws away 150 euros worth of food, about 50 kilos. There are already quite some initiatives to fight this kind of waste, or let you eat healthy and good local food. For example, there’s With this website, you can share food when you cooked too much or pick up somebody else’s prepared meals. Since last year, the university has the ‘afhaalpunt ‘Goei Eete’’, a place where you can pick up local ingredients. You can order what you want on the website (in Dutch), and pick up the food from Academia on Thursdays.


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