Sport lovers in Tilburg

What’s on in Tilburg this weekend and beyond? To help you make the most of your time off campus, our weekly city guide brings you fresh ideas on what to do in and around Tilburg.

Do you enjoy working out or just love watching a live soccer game? Are you the person who never misses a sports match? Then Tilburg has plenty to offer for you. This week we will inform you about the ways to practice and watch certain sports in Tilburg.   

University Sports Center

Whether you are addicted to working out or just want to follow some classes to stay fit, the Tilburg University Sports Center has it all. The sports center is within walking distance of the university and available for students and employees of the university. Memberships are quite cheap and can be bought for a day, month or year.

At the sports center, you can follow a variety of classes such as boxing, tennis, yoga, dancing, and many more. They also have three fitness rooms available where you can work out on your own. The membership also includes access to all three swimming pools and the ice skating ring in Tilburg.What: University Sports Center

Where: Academielaan 5

Cost: € 7,50 – € 132,95

Soccer love

Are you a huge soccer fan and just love to watch soccer games on television and in the stadium? Then you should check out Tilburg’s soccer club Willem II. It is not the biggest club in the Netherlands, but they have had some high tides in the past. At the moment, they are playing in the Dutch “Eredivisie”, so there are plenty of matches to attend. They have their own soccer stadium in Tilburg where they regularly play home games. Tickets range from 22 to 40 Euros. Check out their website for more information.  What: Soccer club Willem II

Where: Goirlese Weg 34

Cost: € 22,00 – € 40,00

The Tilburgse Trappers

The ice hockey team of Tilburg is quite famous and has done exceptionally well in the past. They have won several championships in Germany and are widely known for their talent. Tickets for their game cost between 10 and 35 Euros, depending on the sort match and the seat. Here is a link to their website for more information.  What: Ice hockey team Tilburgse Trappers

Where: Stappegoorweg 3a

Cost: €10,00 – € 35,00

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