Exams in tents: “Cold and a lot of noise”

Students who took exams in tents were sometimes cold. They also experienced a lot of noise.

Image Adrian van den Eerenbeemt

To allow students to take exams on campus during the coronavirus crisis, the university has set up large tents. Students immediately had questions. Is it warm enough and what about excessive noise levels? The university stated that the tents are heated and sound experts conducted research. If they registered too much noise, earplugs would be arranged.

Now that the exams of the first block have been completed, it is clear that not everything has gone well yet. The student parties placed this on the agenda during the School Council meeting of Social and Behavioral Sciences last Thursday. “It was pretty cold on Monday,” says Jordi Heesters from the Stimulus Party. Ella Verheijen of Active TSB wants to know what the university is planning with the upcoming exams. “It was already cold now, how does that work in the winter?”

“I’ve been told they are heated,” says Seger Breugelmans, Vice-Dean for Education. Probably it was cold on Monday because it takes a while before the tents are completely warmed up. Perhaps next time, it will be possible to start heating up the tent earlier.

“We also received a lot of complaints about noise,” says Verheijen. “The rain made a lot of noise in the tent. Will this be dealt with, or do people have to bring their own earplugs?” According to Breugelmans, the tents meet the noise standards. Only when, for example, trains pass by, more decibels are measured than permitted. But he will discuss it in the working group that organizes the exams. “If there is too much noise, we have to do something about it.”

Translated by Language Center, Riet Bettonviel

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