Physical education resumed

Just before the weekend, the government announced new easing of measures. For Tilburg University, this means more education on campus. The exams will take place as planned, but students are required to wear face masks during the entire exam. The Sports Center also opens its doors again.

Image: ESB Professional / Shutterstock

Just like before the mid-December lockdown, the maximum group size for education on the Tilburg campus is limited. A maximum of 75 people are allowed to attend lectures. For larger groups, lectures remain digital. In addition, at all locations with student workstations, a maximum of 75 spots are available.

This month’s exams will continue as scheduled. All invigilated exams will be conducted on campus. Social distancing (at 1.5 meters) is not mandatory. Wearing a face mask is, even when sitting at a workstation or in a lecture hall. This is a tightening of the existing rules. An examination opportunity is lost if a face mask is not worn unless it can be demonstrated that this is not possible due to an illness or disability.

For employees, the advice to work from home that took effect at the beginning of the winter lockdown remains in place. As before, there are exceptions for lectures, taking exams, lab research, and critical work processes.

The reopening of the Sports Center this week means that sports are once again allowed on campus. This can be done indoors and outdoors until 5 p.m. The dining facilities, like the national catering industry, remain closed. However, it is possible to buy take-away meals, for example in the mensa and in CUBE.

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