Tila Pronk nominated for Teacher of the Year 2022 

Tila Pronk has been nominated for the 2022 Teacher of the Year election. Pronk is assistant professor of social psychology and knows how to inspire with her lectures and readings on love, relationships, and online dating. 

Tila Pronk (second to the left) on the team of experts at Married at First Sight

The Dutch National Student Association (ISO) will choose the national Teacher of the Year 2022 on April 19 from all submissions from higher education institutions in the Netherlands. Pronk is nominated from Tilburg University.

Voting criteria 

Students cast a vote earlier this year for one of the five nominated lecturers within Tilburg University. Tila Pronk received the most votes. What makes the so-called Dr. Love such a good lecturer? 

Students vote based on several criteria. These criteria include whether the lecturer is passionate about the subject and knows how to convey the added value for society. In addition, criteria include whether the lecturer uses activating didactics and whether the lecturing is in line with the student’s experience.  

Pronk puts the student’s experience at the center of her education. She does this by using current examples: “In my education, the student’s perspective is central, therefore. In this way, my lectures connect to what is going on in the world now.”


Students describe her as passionate, enthusiastic, involved, and cheerful. During the lectures, Pronk makes sure that students are not given and cannot assume a passive role: “I give my lectures in the form of a ‘research experience,’ in which the student alternates between the role of test subject and researcher.”

Providing quality education and keeping students engaged during the changing circumstances due to the coronavirus pandemic is also among the criteria. A two-hour online lecture was, therefore, not a good idea for the attention span, according to Pronk: “Instead of long lectures, I divided the material into short, pre-recorded knowledge clips.” 

Married at First Sight

Tila Pronk studies many stages of love and, in addition to being a university lecturer, is a relationship therapist and author of the popular science book Hartstocht (Passion). You can admire Pronk not only in lecture halls, but she can also regularly be seen on TV as a love expert in the program Married at First Sight.


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