Ernst Hirsch Ballin waves goodbye with valedictory address

Ernst Hirsch Ballin waves goodbye with valedictory address

Forty years ago, his career at Tilburg University began, but now the farewell is final. Professor Ernst Hirsch Ballin will give his valedictory address on Friday in the Auditorium of Cobbenhagen Building. It will be preceded by a symposium with three main themes from his work.

Image: Maurits Vink

Can international law bring peace closer? That question is, with the war in Ukraine, more topical than ever. During his valedictory address Peace and Justice, Ernst Hirsch Ballin will discuss this issue in detail on Friday afternoon.

With Hirsch Ballin, Tilburg University bids farewell to a celebrity. The prominent CDA member began his career at Tilburg University in 1981 as full professor of constitutional and administrative law. Later he taught Dutch and European law, among other things. Human rights have always played an important role in Hirsch Ballin’s work.

Hirsch Ballin also made his presence felt outside the confines of the university. He was Minister of Justice in the Lubbers III Cabinet and Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations in 2010. He was also a member of the Advisory Council on International Affairs and the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy.


Before Hirsch Ballin delivers his valedictory address and officially retires, Tilburg Law School will first hold a farewell symposium. It will focus on three main themes from his work: the methodologies of legal research in relation to human rights and constitutionalism; the space for law formation in a multi-layered legal order; and constitutional relations and the use of AI and algorithmic decision making.

The symposium and Hirsch Ballin’s valedictory address are part of a two-day constitutional conference at Tilburg University. On the first day, Thursday May 12, the annual constitutional law conference of the Staatsrechtkring will take place. The theme of the conference is ‘Lawmaking in a Hyper-Complex Society’.

Translated by Language Center, Riet Bettonviel


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