Sinan Çankaya winner E. du Perron Prize

Writer and anthropologist Sinan Çankaya is the winner of the E. du Perron Prize. The award ceremony will take place on May 19 during the Night University festival at Tilburg University. Çankaya wins the prize for his very personal book My Countless Identities.

Cankaya Sinan. Beeld: Marijn Smulders

The E. du Perron Prize is awarded every two years to a writer who – like E. du Perron – is able to describe and influence the debate on multicultural issues. As a child of Turkish immigrant workers, Çankaya grew up in a working-class neighborhood in Nijmegen. He studied cultural anthropology and obtained his PhD with the Amsterdam police on the subject of ethnic profiling.

In his book My Countless Identities, Çankaya lays bare the pain of social ascent. Structural exclusion and racism are the thread that runs through his story. My Countless Identities holds up a critical mirror to the reader and provides a realistic picture of growing up in the Netherlands as a child of migrants.

Other nominees included Raoul de Jong, Lucas Waagmeester, and Laura Jansen.

The presentation of the E. du Perron Award will take place on May 19 during Night University in the Auditorium of Tilburg University. The prize money is 10,000 euros. The E. du Perron Lecture will be given by Paul Scheffer, Emeritus Professor of European Studies. Previous winners include Ellen Deckwitz (2019), Margot Vanderstraeten (2017), Stefan Hertmans (2016), Mohammed Benzakour (2013), and Ramsey Nasr (2011).

Translated by Language Center, Riet Bettonviel

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