Esplanade will come to you, with a sandwich

Green jackets, fast scooters, and fresh sandwiches, those are the ingredients of the new delivery service on campus. Your sandwich, salad, or wrap from grand café Esplanade will now be delivered to you anywhere on campus. Handy if you are glued to your computer, get really hungry during a meeting, or want to have a picnic later during a walk in the woods.

Grand café Esplanade’s delivery man on an electric scooter. Image: Univers

The free delivery service (in Dutch) is specifically intended for the campus, says Esplanade manager Bram Veenstra. They already started a few weeks ago, “but since a week, we are running wild”. And even though there is an excess of days off and holidays around this time of year, the orders are slowly starting to come in. From large to small to one-person meals. “I just delivered another smoked salmon sandwich. It is not very busy yet, but people are enthusiastic. We’ve had some really good feedback.”

Not around dinner time

The sandwiches, wraps, salads, and poké bowls are freshly made and delivered by Esplanade employees on an electric scooter. As a result, there are no deliveries at lunchtime. Unfortunately, there is no other option, explains Veenstra. “It is so busy here at that time that we cannot deliver. That’s also why we don’t do hot dishes. If you ordered something earlier, you can eat it afterwards during lunch.”

Veenstra is hopeful that the initiative will be a success. “After we came up with the idea, we first sounded out whether there was a need for it, for example, among secretaries. It then became clear that the university is very much in favor of it. What sets us apart is that we are intended for the campus. You can also order from us using your organizational unit’s budget code.”

Translated by Language Center, Riet Bettonviel


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